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I’m Ready to Blow Your Mind!

Well, folks…the day has come. What’s really interesting is that, as a CEO of a publishing house, I watch release dates come and go, and while I share in our authors’ joyful days, it is never the same as when I release my own work into the world.

Zephyr has been a labor of love (and hate, at times) for the last four years and change. I wrote what is now PART ONE of this book about five years ago and unleashed it upon the world in January of 2013. I self-published back then, because I didn’t want to utilize the publishing company that I ran as my own personal vanity press.

That little book did not make me rich. Well, not financially, anyway. But I was richer for the experience, in that I proved to myself I could write something longer than a short story.

The few dozen people that actually bought and read the book really liked it. I mean, they didn’t really like the main character, Zephyr Hopkins, because he was a lying, conniving fool who led his family down the path of financial ruin because he was too full of hubris to admit that he had been fired from his high-paying job in high-technology sales.

Those who did read The Perdition of Zephyr Hopkins reacted much as I had hoped. Some people hated him. Some people felt sorry for him. But no one was apathetic towards him. Heck, I even got a nice review from horror author Jeff Strand where he indicated that my book gave him “…a nice little knot in my stomach while I was reading it.” That made my day.

And then I put Zephyr Hopkins to bed for a good long while.

But now he’s back. And for those who really want to hate him for his deception, this book will take them on a completely different ride…a hopefully unexpected ride.

It should shatter expectations. It shattered mine. When I set out to write the definitive novel about Zephyr Hopkins, I didn’t necessarily think it would head in the direction that it did. I truly wanted to continue to pound on Zephyr. He was such an easy target.

But I had an epiphany that is directly applicable to our world: what if your first impression is completely wrong?

And at the end of it all, Zephyr’s story is a labyrinthine excursion into what happens when we actually get to see the story from different angles, and the truth is finally revealed.

So, is Zephyr a good guy? Not necessarily. Is his boss a weasel? Certainly not. Is anything as it really seemed in The Perdition of Zephyr Hopkins? Most certainly, it is not.

With that, I present to you: ZEPHYR.

Find it on Amazon (paperback or Kindle), Barnes & Noble, at eLectio Publishing (paperback or eBook), or get a signed copy of the paperback by buying directly from me.

So click on one of those lovely links, buy a copy, and let me know what you think.


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